Bonding with your Bail Agent

Lake County JailHopefully You Don’t Have A Favorite Bond Agent!

If you’re a career criminal and you’ve spent most of your life in and out of prison you probably have a go-to favorite bail agent you call when you’re in trouble.  Finding a reliable and professional bail bonding services company is easy.  However, finding a bail bondsman you can count on through thick and thin is another story.  Some bail agents are in the bonding services business just to make money.  Other bail bondsman however have a deep passion for helping people get their lives back on track.  If you plan on breaking the law, you’re going to need a bail agent who is also like your best friend.  In our series, Bailing Out, we’re taking a closer look at what to look for in a bail bonding services company and how to bond with your bail agent.

How Not to Bond with a Bail Bondsman

Okay, so once you’re clear on how not to bond with a bail bonding agent, you’ll have a better idea on how to keep them as a friend.  First of all, don’t invite a bail agent to a bar for drinks.  The best  and most professional bail bonding agents stay sober everyday of the year.  Think about it.  When you need help at 3 a.m. do really want a drunk guy to answer the phone? Probably not.  The best bail bonding services companies have a zero  tolerance policy.  This means no drinking, drugs or staying up past midnight.  So, if you’re a party animal, tame yourself and invite your reliable and trustworthy bail bondsman to Starbucks for a nice latte.  Because bail bonding agents need to be available for their clients 24/7, they don’t travel  much.  So, if you really want to bond with your professional bail bonding services company, don’t ask them to go camping in Florida or hiking in the wilderness.  Perhaps a  nice stroll through the local park will do.

Basketball and Bail Bonding Agents

Bail Bondsman have perhaps one of the most stressful and difficult jobs in all of the world.  It’s a tough gig and even the best bail bonding agents need a way to unwind after a long day.  If you’d like to really bond with your bail bondsman invite him to play a round of HORSE on the basketball court.  Playing a fun and engaging sport is always a sure-fire way to develop a trusting relationship with your local bail bonding services company. The more you trust  your bail agent, the more you’ll be able to relax when you’ve committed another crime.  To begin searching for the most reliable bail agent in the area ask your fellow criminal friends for their recommendations.

Bail Agents and Boating

I’ve yet to meet a bail bondsman who doesn’t love to boat.  There’s nothing like bonding with the best local bail bondsman on a boat. Whew, say that three times.  But, seriously grab a fishing pole, steal a boat and invite your bail agent to join you for a day on the water.  Boating is also an excellent way to unwind from an intense job.  Don’t forge the life jackets. The best local bail agents typically don’t have time to learn to swim, so you’ll need to remember life jackets, water wings and sunscreen.

Posting Bond with a Professional Bail Bondsman

If you’ve even been out of jail long enough to boat and play basketball with your local bail agent, you’re relationship will really be tested once you’re arrested again and booked into jail. When you make your first phone call from jail, it will most likely be to your local bail bonding services company.  If your bail agent answers the phone on the first ring, you know all that previous bonding time has really paid off.  Once you and your bail agent develop a steadfast relationship, you’ll be able to post bond and  get out of the slammer faster than the previous time.  The trick to developing complex relationship is staying out of jail long enough to spend time with your bail agent.  A close relationship with your local bail bondsman, means he or she will already know your financial situation and help you better develop a plan to get out of jail. This takes the stress of posting bond down a notch.  Good luck!


  1. Rob Brown Bail Bonds 5120 Cole Creek Rd, Kelseyville, CA 95451 (707) 587-4563
  2. Lake County Sheriff Dept.

Visiting Loved Ones In Jail

Jail Visits

san-bernadino-county-jailWhen you’re locked up, life can be very lonely and isolating.  Every second of every day is carefully controlled by jail deputies and the correctional system.  Often the only person you get to talk to on a daily basis is your bail bondsman or your immediate family.  More often than not, your immediate family is too busy or too upset about your alleged crimes that they stay away for awhile.  As a convicted felon, I know first hand the importance of jail visits.  But, as I’ve learned over the years you need to know the jail visiting guidelines so you don’t break any rules and get your visiting rights taken away.

Bail Bondsman Visiting Hours

If you’re locked up in  county or state facility, chances are you are going to have a specific time set aside every week to meet with a bail bonding agent.  This time is referred to as the bail bondsman visiting time.  Taking a moment to meet one on one with a bail agent not only makes your relationship stronger, but it may help you get out of jail that much sooner.  Bail Bondsman visiting hours will typically run Wednesday through Friday in the early afternoon.

You’ll need to arrange your specific time with a jail deputy and your specific bail agent. Once a time is set, you will wait until your slot opens.  Depending on how technologically advanced your jail is, you will either meet face to face with your bail agent or you will see them via a closed circuit video system.  During the bail bondsman visiting hours, all conversations are recorded, so please refrain from admitting guilt or making any other incriminating statements.

Bail Agents Arranged Family Time

If you’re having trouble getting your mother or father to visit you in prison, ask your bail bonding services company to arrange a family jail visit.  When a loved one is arrested and thrown in the slammer, it can be emotionally traumatizing for everyone involved, including your parents and bail agent.  If this is the case, visiting you in  jail may only open that deep emotional wound again.   This is especially the case if you’ve been convicted of an exceptionally heinous crime.  To get your family to the prison, a bail agent will often bribe them with high dollar cars and lots of cash.

While this may appear unethical, there truly is no price tag on a prison visit from your parents.  If your parents accept the bribe from your bail agent, then you will be able to spend at least an hour with them in a private room. Again, as I mentioned before, please refrain from saying anything incriminating about your case.  Even if you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may let something slip which could then impact an appeal case.

Jail Visits Etiquette With A Bail Agent

When and if you finally get a chance to visit with  you bail bonding services company or your brother, you need to be aware of a few unspoken rules.  Jail visiting etiquette varies from jail to jail ,but in general you can follow a few guidelines to keep you out of trouble. When talking with you bail agent or family member, use your library voice.  It’s important to keep your voice as quiet as possible  during a jail visit.  If you begin to raise your voice and yell at your bail agent, you will be taken into quarantine.

If you’re allowed a face to face visit with a bail bondsman, under no circumstances should you hug or give a high five. A a general rule, never physically touch your bail bondsman or visiting family member. This action may be viewed as assault and could lead to more criminal charges and jail time.

Bail Agents Baking Goods for Visits

If you hire a bail bondsman to help with your specific case, make sure they provide complimentary baked goods for your jail visits.  The jail cooks, at least where I served time, could never figure out how to bake a chocolate chip cookie.  A baking bail agent will make your life behind bars so much sweeter.  If you have any food allergies, make sure your bail bonding services company is aware before they bake and bring sweet treats for your visit.  Because of safety rules, you bail agent’s baked goods will have to go through jail customs and inspection before you can eat them.


1. Arrow Bail Bonds 8816 W Foothill Blvd Suite 103-226 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909) 891-0578

2. San Bernardino County Jail